“The reality of the building consisted not in the four walls and the roof but inhered in the space within.”
We are a Singapore based interior design studio, specialized in home decor and styling services.
We have a strong belief that design is accessible to everyone.
- Frank Lloyd Wright
It can be daunting to navigate through the process of decorating your space while avoiding mistakes that might cost you a lot of time, nerves, or money.

With our experience in home decor and styling, we are very happy to support you in your home transformation journey.
Or you have just moved into a rented apartment and looking for a way to make it home and do it as quickly as possible.
Or you are a landlord and want to prepare your property for sale or rent.
Whether home renovation is nearly done but something does not seem right or it still does not feel alive.
Our services
We can help you present your property in a more inviting way to potential buyers or tenants.
Home staging
If you are looking for some guidance or professional advice in relation to your home or a particular area, we can organise an individual session.
One-off consultaion
We provide end-to-end support with home styling from concept development to sourcing of furniture.
Home decor and styling
What if you want to decorate your home but do not feel like hiring a home stylist? We have put together our Home Style Kit, our ready-to-use guide to decorating your home.
Home Style Kit
Our projects