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Any decorating project, big or small, can seem difficult and time consuming. And social media, while providing lots of inspiration, often adds to the confusion.

To make things easier, we have put together a Home Style Kit, our ready-to-use guide to decorating your home.
Home Style Kit
Our Home Style Kit contains:
advice on how to use various furniture, light and decor elements in your space to create a coordinated look
list of furniture pieces, lightings and decor items that make up the looks with the links to resources to purchase them
images of interiors that visualize the concept
styling ideas for major living spaces
bonus items: guidances and essential style solutions for every home
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When creating our Home Style Kit we take into account the specifics of apartments in Singapore - spacious living rooms and quite small bedrooms. We try to select only those items that we think will fit in the most of the spaces, make a great addition to your home and serve you for years.
Our Home Style Kit is issued on a regular basis. Follow us on Instagram for further updates.
You can use our Home Style Kit as:
a shopping list to source furniture for your new place
an inspiration to refresh your current home or add some final touches
a navigator to the Singapore furniture market to find some particular pieces
a guide to your home staging project before sell or rent